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As Karen noted in her very nice intro of me last week, and Leah announced in her post last Monday, I’ll be the Quo Vadis blogger while Leah is on maternity leave. Those of you who know me from my blog Plannerisms will know how thrilled I am to take up the mantle of Quo Vadis blogger while Leah is away!

I’ve been reading the Quo Vadis blog for a long time, and have done some guest posts here too. QV blog has always been my gold standard of what a planner brand blog should be, so when Karen asked me to be part of the QV team I was very flattered! Leah does a fantastic job here so I have big shoes to fill while she is away.

I’ve been writing my blog Plannerisms for five years, where I test and review planners and notebooks of all kinds. Over the years I’ve used lots of Quo Vadis planners, my long-time favorites of which are the Textagenda, Journal 21 and Trinote which I’ve written a lot about on my blog.

I’m also a contributing author on the Philofaxy blog about Filofax and other ring binders. So between Plannerisms and Philofaxy I’ve pretty much covered the world of planners! Quo Vadis planners are right at the top of my list of favorites because of their high quality, useful layouts and spectacular paper.

I’m an American expat and have spent lots of years living in various places around the US, Europe and Asia. My past work experience has included studying birds in the Hawaiian rainforest, working in a biochemistry lab, teaching English to school children in Nepal, and working in corporate environments.

After living in huge cities like Moscow and Jakarta, I am now enjoying life in the Scottish countryside with my husband, busy children, dog, and six chickens. I love spending time outdoors in the forests and hills. When I’m not writing about planners or hiking, I’m driving my kids to their numerous activities, volunteering at their school, and enjoying family life.

I hope you enjoy my posts while Leah is away! Please feel free to comment, I love hearing from readers and getting your feedback.

Best wishes to Leah and her family, and huge thanks to Karen for bringing me on board!



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