How do you use your Quo Vadis?

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There is a diversity of ways people use their yearly planner.

Many people, probably most, use it as one place to record work, personal, school and family events, notes and appointments. But, I have also heard of these other uses:

-to plot out events for a novel

-breast cancer recovery/healing journal

-sketch book, because it lays flat and the paper is good

-project management tool

-wedding planner

-birding diary

-as a back-up for their digital calendar

-to write a daily meditation

If you have a unique or special use for your Quo Vadis let us know! Your ideas and creativity can inspire others (and may also get you a brand new 2015 refill or planner).



One thought on “How do you use your Quo Vadis?

  1. I use my President as a daily calendar, keeper of to-do lists, and a carry-along for 8.5×11 pieces of paper. I love the President because of its size and two-page per week column format. At a glance, I know what’s going on for the week. I use the 2×2 post-it notes to keep track of my reminders and stick them right on the columns. I have small binder clips to mark my week, and another one to clip papers in the back. I teach at a university and we have important dates on a university issued 8.5 x 11 calendar, which is clipped in the back. Pages printed from my computer for meetings such as agendas or documents fit nicely in the President. Although this planner is large, I work in an 8.5 x 11 world so a smaller binder or planner is not much help to me because of its odd size. All of us on the teaching team carry an 8.5×11 calendar, but I’m the only one with a QV! I am completing my 2nd year using the President and already have 2015 purchased and ready to go! All other notes: composition notebooks! My President, composition notebook, and iPad bundle nicely and go with me everywhere.

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