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One of the features I love in the Quo Vadis Exacompta planners (which include the Journal 21, Visual, and Space 24) are the monthly column planning calendars.2 page month columns closeup


The columns have four slots at the beginning of each day’s line, which are intended to be used as an expense record but can be used to track a huge variety of things like weight, blood pressure, hours worked, miles run or cycled, etc. You could even use it as a daily word count total to help you reach your goal of finishing your novel or dissertation.

Month columns closeup

They can even be used as a graph to track mood, weather, and other variables.

The monthly columns are great for quick reference of holidays, travel, and deadlines.

What other uses can you think of for the monthly columns? How do you use your monthly column planner?



2 thoughts on “Feature focus: Monthly columns

  1. I use the Space 24 as does my brother. The layout is perfect for my personal & business needs… It has the five working days on the left and if I need to carry-over more info I’ll mark it with a Roman numeral on the left & right to continue on to the NOTES if I need to… Lots of room there. You’ll notice Fri. & Sat. have less room. Just do the same as above. Also, I’ll make a note of an important event or transaction that happened so I have a record for reference if I need. I also save my old Space 24 journal just like it’s a legal document if I need look back say: “It happened on this day”… The best ever. Can’t say enough good things about this journal… You won’t regret getting one. Best, LeRoy

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