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Several Quo Vadis planners including the daily Journal 21 and the weekly Visual, Space 24 and Hebdo planners have one of my favorite planner features ever: monthly grid calendars.

2 month spread cropped

Monthly calendars in a grid format with space to write each day are especially useful for planning ahead in day per page planners. Even in weekly planners the monthly grids are great for a quick glance at what’s coming up. I use mine to easily see bills due, holidays, travel, my kids’ school events, deadlines, blog post planning, on and on. Some people like to use monthly grids to record the weather, health symptoms, or nature sightings like when birds migrate, flowers bloom or leaves turn for easy comparison month to month or year to year.

Month grid closeup

It’s easy to see patterns in monthly grid calendars, especially for recurring events. I make a note in my monthly calendars on days I exercise, S for strength and C for cardio. I can easily see when I’m reaching my exercise goals, or when I’ve gone too many days without exercise. I also use my month calendars as an index of events, so I can quickly see what happened each day. It’s a great reference.

How do you use the monthly grid calendars in your planner?

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  1. I love monthly grid calendars, especially those on one page and with Saturday/Sunday together! I use them to highlight the days, weeks, or weekends when I am out of town, and entire-day commitments. Then I can look at the month at a glance for days or times when I am away or totally unavailable. I miss a monthly grid calendar very much and have had a hard time adjusting the same idea to the anno-planning spread in my President. I am thinking about buying a Visual just to see how it goes for 2015.

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