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Many of the Quo Vadis weekly planners such as the Trinote, Minister, and size variations thereof like the President and Prenote have designated list boxes on the weekly pages. These list boxes have icons to suggest uses like phone calls and emails, tracking expenses and notes, but they can be used in any way.

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Each box can be designated to a person in a family or a team member to note duties, household chores, deadlines, or things they are working on that week.

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The boxes can be assigned different topics like meal plans, exercise, tracking, reading lists and assignments. Or they can keep lists of things you need to do at home, at work, and errands out and about. You can even use the boxes differently week to week as needed.

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How do you use your list boxes in your weekly planner?


2 thoughts on “Feature focus: List boxes

  1. I use the list boxes in my President exactly according to the little icons. I highlight each item as I complete it. If my “list” exceeds the box, I use a 3×3 Post-It note to place on top of the box with the additional items listed.

  2. I use mine mainly for errands and to-do items that come to my mind during my morning classes. I no longer pay attention to the little icons in my Principal, and find that I have lots of space for notes every day. 🙂

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