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Fall means football time, and football for me is Vince Lombardi and Bill Parcells.  They have to be among the greatest motivators of all time.  They each have some great quotes about attitude, coaching, and accountability.  Tough, hard-nosed coaches, they focused on one thing: winning.  “You are what your record says you are,” said Parcells.  That’s pretty hard, but at the end of the day nobody cares about excuses. No one looked up to or paid to give good reasons why they lost.

“When blue-collar guys stop for their ‘coffee-and …’ on the way to work they don’t want philosophy, all they want to know is did you win or did you lose.”

When Parcells landed at the NY Jets in 1997, during training camp he was asked by one of his players what did he think about the coming season? (the Jets were 1-15 in 1996). “Look-it,” Parcells said, using one of his favorite phrases, “I ain’t no five-year-plan man.  I ain’t no four-year-plan man. I’m a win-right-now man. You know what? We’re going to be special this year.”

The Jets went to 9-7 in 1997 and 12-4 in 1998.

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