Writing Wednesdays: The best tool for the task

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I’ve said before that I’m none too proficient at composing long passages of prose on anything other than my laptop. I also can’t imagine fleshing out ideas on anything other than a notebook.

At work, I have a very clear set of notebooks and calendars for specific tasks and to-do lists. For my personal writing, however, I haven’t done much to systematize things, beyond making sure to carry a physical notebook with me. So my notebooks all end up being a total hybrid of random ideas, passages, and things I’d like to remember to look up in the future.

I’m a process geek, however — the writer’s counterpart to the planning optimist? — so I love to hear about the various tasks that other people assign to their notebooks. What about you? Do you prefer to make mash-ups or single-course feasts of your notebooks?

2 thoughts on “Writing Wednesdays: The best tool for the task

  1. Definitely mash up. If I have to stop and figure out which notebook I want to use and then find it I will never get to the actual writing.

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