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This is a variation of the “too good to actually use” problem, which is odd, because if you’ve ever purchased a Muji notebook, you know that the paper is terrible — coarse, thin, and utilitarian, the sort of paper that struggles to hold up to a competent rollerball without bleedthrough.

Still, a cute, little 1×3-inch notebook on a keychain, for 99 cents? I was killing time while waiting for the bus in the Muji on 40th Street, and I couldn’t resist. I also can’t decide what to do with it. Online, the notebook is billed as a “word card” and, elsewhere, a “flash card” that works well “for vocabulary lists, formulas, dates and events in history.” In my mind, I was going to use it as an ersatz post-it pad, but the keychain seemed to hold more on-the-go promise, and I let it linger on my desk, wondering.

Obviously, the pages would splay and rip pretty quickly in an actual keychain environment, and the notebook isn’t half as big as I would want for a mobile catchall idea/to-do list book, anyway. If I were in the habit of giving away my contact info in analog form en masse, I can see it being useful… or perhaps some Miranda July type project where you pass out the words of a story to strangers on the street, one by one? I won’t say the possibilities are endless, but there are enough of them that I’m still a bit surprised I haven’t yet found my perfect use.

What would you use this for?

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  1. Many people are using these as portable ink journals. Each page get a different ink sample. Then it is easy to sort the inks and put them side by side for comparison. When you go to a pen show, having one of these in your pocket allows you to compare new inks with what you own already.

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