Time management Mondays: Knowing you need a break

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It’s one thing to recognize, intellectually, the benefits of taking a break. It’s another thing to know when you actually need one. Aside from the self-enforced breaks that my weekends now represent, I tend to be bad at gauging the times when I should just step away from my desk and take twenty minutes or even an hour or two to do something completely different.

And yet those kinds of breaks, when done right, are among the most productive, giving you just the amount of time you need to recharge and come back with renewed energy.

What about you? How do you know when it’s time to take a break?

2 thoughts on “Time management Mondays: Knowing you need a break

  1. I started to send myself calendar alerts to “stop” all activities. Even if I don’t actually stop, it is a reminder that I’ve worked long enough or perhaps even too long.

    But this week I intend to go one step farther–a schedule, both flexible to cover emergencies or the unknowns, but tight enough to finish writing projects that won’t get finished otherwise.

    • Interesting idea, Zoe — scheduling time for a little break, rather than a bigger block (which I often do when I don’t want people to claim my whole day for meetings, etc). I’ll give it a try!

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