Time management Mondays: An email vacation

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How terrific does this sound? Instead of navigating the complex web of obligation, expectation, and habit when it comes to email and vacation, you are forced to shut down your inbox as — did I read that right? — all incoming messages are deleted. (Don’t worry, the senders are notified.)

Such is the experimental program from German carmaker Daimler that I learned about, and lusted after, recently. The idea, says the Times, “is to encourage a healthier balance in life and to cut down on workers’ burnout — a condition that Daimler has concluded can’t be good for business in the long run.”

Sadly, I fear this may be something like the metric system, i.e., a very sensible system that will nonetheless never reach U.S. shores except in very specific domains, but hey, we can still dream, can’t we?

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