The Changing of the Guard

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London 01 14 Buckingham Palace Changing of the Guard

The changing of the guard is beginning at Quo Vadis Blog.

Our Quo Vadis blogger, Leah Hoffmann, will be taking a leave of absence at the end of September. She will be going on maternity leave until sometime this winter or early spring 2015.

Leah has been our blogger since Quo Vadis Blog began in March 2006. She is a terrific writer, and has constantly refreshed and recast a classic product–paper planners–and new challenges–time and information management. Her posts have provided some valuable insights and good reading over the years.  We have gotten to know her as a person as well as a writer. I’m glad to have found a sister New Jersey Devils fan.

Although Leah was hired for her solid business writing and reporting, over the years she has developed a deep affection for the blog, Quo Vadis, and especially, the people who comment and contribute to Quo Vadis Blog.

Leah and I discussed what to do while she was away on maternity leave.  One name was uppermost in both our minds:  Laurie Huff.

We consider Laurie to be the expert in planners, diaries and organization. She has a breadth and depth in these subjects very few people possess.

Plannerisms, Laurie’s blog, is well known and respected for her reviews of all types of planners and diaries. She also writes for Philofaxy, a fan blog for people who love Filofax organizers.  Laurie has also designed, developed and marketed her own planner.  How neat is that! Actually, that type of creativity and initiative is right in the tradition of Quo Vadis. The founder/creator, Dr. Beltrami, stamped out a format on a notebook that met his need to see his week at a single glance.

Quo Vadis Blog’s current readership is roughly 60% U.S. and 40% international.  As an American ex-pat, Laurie will bring an international flavor to the blog. These cross-currents can inspire new insights and new ways of looking at things.

Though I am sad Leah is departing for a while, I am also very happy, and honored, to welcome Laurie aboard as our new Quo Vadis blogger.  She will start October 1.




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