Friday roundup

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If you’re cowering indoors on this hot post-summer Friday, here are two reviews to take your mind off the sun:

  • Are you a daily or a weekly calendar person? The intrepid blogger behind Giftie Etcetera has found a way to eat her cake and have it with a customized planner involving a Franklin Covey binder, a Quo Vadis Notor, and — well, I’m not sure where her weekly pages come from, but the ensemble is very impressive! Here she is talking about how she uses her daily pages, and here on the Anno Planner.
  • What, you haven’t tried the new Rhodia Ice pads? In the words of La Plume Etoile: “You can’t go wrong with anything from Rhodia, anything distributed by Exaclair, or anything with Clairfontaine paper. The fact that there is a white and silver cover available in addition to the classic black and orange makes me even happier.”

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