Friday roundup

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Lots of reviews this Friday! Let’s get right to ’em, shall we?

  • “I really could come up with endless ideas for using this journal, so even with the few shortcomings I think that this journal is a wonderful idea and will prove itself very useful.” Okami reviews the ME journal.
  • “A brilliant red with some orange undertones and fantastic sheen. I’ve never seen an ink that has so much character as you’re writing and even after it dries.” Jeff Abbott is back at The Pen Addict with a review of J.Herbin’s first 1670 anniversary ink, Rouge Hematite.
  • “Nothing shy about that duo.” Speaking of J.Herbin, there’s still time to enter Inkophile’s contest and win a bottle of Orange Indien… plus a Clairefontaine Basics Duo notebook!
  • “Other than the color of the cover, the pads have not really changed since 1934 when two brothers from Lyon started with this simple orange pad with 80 sheets, and 80g paper, staple bound at top.” If you haven’t already seen it, be sure to check out this video glimpse into the Rhodia factory en France.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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