Friday review: A garden journal

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2014-09-26 12.53.58

I’ve perpetually got big plans for my garden, but given how little time I have to actually work in the garden, I find myself having to jot down notes, plans, and priorities so I don’t lose track of what I should do when.

Enter the ME journal. I wish I’d had this idea sooner, and I’m still plotting out exactly how it will work, but I think this is a killer app for the notebook — my killer app for it, anyway.

2014-09-26 13.20.16

I began by dedicating a page to each patch of garden, then photographing and associating pictures. After that, I wrote down what plants are there and what I want to do in the future. There are hostas along my front fence, for instance, beneath some cedar trees. Next spring, I’m going to experiment with different kinds of groundcover in front of them; I’ve heard Veronica Georgia blue can tolerate some shade, so I’ll plant some in the spring.

Another plus: I can keep track of what plants I’ve put where without putting popsicle sticks in the ground or stuffing a bunch of receipts into a folder. That way, if I notice that a particular type of blueberry is doing especially well or poorly, I can reorder and/or reassess.

As others have noted, I wish it were easier to associate multiple photos with a single page, but beyond that, I’m excited for the possibilities.

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