Tools of the trade: Rediscovering the Pilot Varsity

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A while back, I wrote about the “knockabout” pen — something simple, relatively inexpensive, and easy to put your hands on, something that makes you sad but not grief-stricken to lose.

Soon after writing the post, I retrieved an old tote bag from my closet and made an intriguing rediscovery: the Pilot Varsity, a “disposable” fountain pen that can actually be refilled, but that doesn’t cost more than a few dollars.

Given how long it takes me to ink up some of my nicer pens when they run dry, it seemed like a natural next step to allow it to audition for a part as my de facto purse pen, used for in-person work sessions and other on-the-go applications. Lo and behold, it’s worked perfectly: a welcome break from rollerballs that I nonetheless won’t mind misplacing or lending to a co-worker, which is the eventual but inevitable point of departure for all such pens in that position.

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  1. The first time I got one of these, I had never played with a fountain pen and I could not work with it. So, I gave them away. After I won a Lamy Vista and then bought four Pilot 78Gs and some Petit’s…and then.. well I decided to try them again and found they are pretty good for the price.
    I now have four that I use for handwritten anchor charts at school. Good nib, good feel, and also I do not have to go into a conniption if a student touches it.

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