Tools of the trade: Email on vacation

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How connected do you stay while you’re away? My answer used to be “reasonably” — after all, it’s easy to find wifi and nice to keep up with one’s email, if simply to avoid coming home to a completely chaotic inbox. Increasingly, though, I’m less and less inclined to do even that.

Of course, I still tend to travel with at least one digital device, whether it’s a phone or a tablet; I don’t usually set auto-reminders to let people know they can’t expect an immediate response, so I try to take note when urgent inquiries come in and type out a quick reply.

How do you balance things?

One thought on “Tools of the trade: Email on vacation

  1. If I’m away for work, I keep up with my email regularly. If I’m on vacation I generally turn my work email off. I usually take the 1st two weeks of June off, so I’ll check and clean out my email usually a week and then once more before I go back. I try to let everyone know that I’ll be gone and not checking email. I tell my executive assistant just to call if I’m really needed

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