Tools of the trade: A six-year-old’s perspective on planners

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stuff that happened

What does a six-year-old think of our Textagenda? Thanks to one little boy’s grandmother — herself a blog reader and Quo Vadis fan — we got some insight into the next generation of potential planner users… and some of our best correspondence yet.

I’ll let Marcia set the stage:

He turned six in April and will start first grade this fall. It has been fun to look at what he has put in the “priority” box. It’s mostly “baseball tournament” or “hockey practice.” In the small year overview calendar at the back he has circled all family birthdays. (Two of them are actually pets, not people.)


Here are some things the young man likes to put in his Textagenda:

  • stickers
  • the hockey schedule
  • people’s birthdays
  • lists of stuff to do
  • tape cool stuff in there
  • stuff that happens
  • pictures of your pets
  • who won the game and what the score was
  • the first day of school
  • tournaments (hockey)
  • vacation
  • baseball practice
  • how hot the temperature got
  • pen tests

His pen of choice: a red Pilot Multiball. (Per his grandmother, “Blue and green are his favorite colors and he tried most of my blue and green pens, and then decided he liked the red one I had been using. This is why the 8th item on his to do list was ‘order pens.'”)

lists of stuff to do

More pics after the jump.

pen tests

cool stuff

One thought on “Tools of the trade: A six-year-old’s perspective on planners

  1. Love this! My 7 year old uses a Barnes & Noble Punctuate planner (ring bound). She writes all sorts of interesting things, but then she recycles the pages when the day is past.

    Maybe I’ll get her a Notor I’m not using to keep her details in.

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