Time management Mondays: The family calendar

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One of the other things that interested me about this Lifehacker post was a comment about Google’s calendar app.

Meh, calendaring, right? Put a monthly on the fridge and a few markers and you’re good. Having access to my calendar, my wife’s calendar, and my daughter’s calendar all in one place makes family scheduling a breeze and we all know where everyone is (generally speaking) if they’re not around. At LH, this is probably preaching to the masses, but if you’ve got a family and a billion placed to be at once, this is the most reliable method. My wife and I each have permissions on each other’s calendars, and we all have permissions on DD’s. We almost never miss or double book anything.

My son is two, and his “schedule” is still pretty simple, so our family does just fine with the “calendar on the fridge” option. As he gets older, though, I’m sure things will get more difficult. The curmudgeon in me is quick to point out that we managed just fine, when I was a child, without digital devices. Of course, it’s not like I’m embarrassed to take advantage of other technological conveniences… the question, I suppose, is whether it counts as an improvement over analogue options, or merely an alternative.

Families, how do you manage your calendars?

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  1. We use a combination. We share an iCloud account, with color coding by family member for on-the-go planning. We have the Amy Knapp wall calendar so we can visually see things, particularly all day events, birthdays, etc.

    We recently added a 7 day a week white board for “out the door” lists. This helps us help the kids make sure we’ve packed everything we need for a day’s activities, saving gas/time spend returning home for things we’ve forgotten.

    This works for us at the moment, as my children are both in elementary school, so a bit young to be fully responsible for their own schedule. It’s a pain to maintain sometimes.

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