Time management Mondays: Staycations

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I’ve been interested in taking a so-called staycation — time off without the travel — for years, but never more so since I became a mother. Could I get everything done around the house that I’d like to do in the space of, say, a week, plus have time to relax? Small, insignificant, but seemingly unattainable things like fixing the crooked curtain rods in the bathroom or reorganizing the pantry? To say nothing of all the garden chores I’ve let slide.

Sadly, I’m no closer to actually taking a staycation, but I definitely had pangs when I read that Stephanie had. Her experience sounds glorious:

I spent time reading, resting, working in the garden, writing in my journal, and painting. I walked around a local music festival, watched a few movies and cooked a few really tasty meals.

Have you taken a staycation?

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