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At every trade show I select a notebook and pen to be with me at the show.  My “show book” and “show pen” need to be sturdy, reliable and good travelers. I  jot notes and ideas in all kinds of places:  free-standing in my hand, coffee bars, on the run in a cab or shuttle bus, or on my knee when I can sit a minute to think and reflect.  I count on my pen.  photo (6)

A Pilot Knight was the pen I took with me to the recent NY Gift Show.  It is a good, solid pen for writing; it feels good in the hand.  Nothing fancy, unpretentious, a real workhorse pen that writes cleanly and smoothly on whatever surface it had to perform.  I also (gasp!) dropped the pen (capped) several times.  Like a good car, it started right up, no problem.

Several people came by the booth who did not write with fountain pens.  I let them try out the Pilot Knight, and the experience was so delightful to them that they plan to get a pen of their own.  I thought that was pretty neat.  I love introducing people to the joy of writing, particularly with fountain pens.

The Pilot Knight has joined a few other pen friends as one of my go-to pens in the office.

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