Friday roundup

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Books, notebooks, and forest-dwellers! It’s time for our Friday roundup.

  • Have you read about Christopher Knight, the man who wandered off into the Maine woods and lived there for almost 30 years, stealing food and supplies from nearby cabins? GQ’s piece about his life story is the closest thing I’ve seen to incredible for quite some time.
  • While I was on vacation last week, The Pen Addict’s Brad Dowdy reviewed Rhodia’s new Ice Pad. “The white is wonderfully clean and the metallic silver accents are perfectly understated in typical Rhodia fashion. Plus, the lines are grey instead of the traditional violet, which I think I prefer.”
  • Through Margana at Inkophile, I also learned about Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord’s beautiful handmade books. She’s even got a shop on Etsy!

Happy Friday…

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