Finding It Hard To Stop

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stop-sign2Like most people, I have so much work and things to do I have to prioritize my priorities.  I also come from a family where most waking moments are spent being productive in some way.  It’s hard to buck your upbringing; and the good old days of real slack time or down times at work have pretty much disappeared.

Lately I have made a concerted effort to rein in my need or impulse to keep going, to pack in everything I need to do and not rest until it’s done.  Instead, I decided to leave some things undone or off my timetable.  This leaves me a break to relax and unwind–a bucket of balls at the driving range, beach combing for sea glass, reading, listening to birdsong, or just sitting on the porch watching lighting bugs (and going out to catch a few…the girl inside still lives.)

All of the above being said, it is not an automatic reflex to stop and take time.   So here is what I did–I set aside short times for stopping.  This translates for me into Stop analyzing. Stop worrying. Stop planning. And simply do nothing for awhile and let my mind empty out.

Do you find it hard to stop?  If so, how do you get yourself to go off the tracks?










2 thoughts on “Finding It Hard To Stop

  1. Yes I find it hard to just stop, often times. I am so used to just running and running and not stopping (back when I went to work, then rushed off to college, then home to care for my son). I try to get in some time at night when the kids are in bed, to journal and write up my next day’s to-do list.

  2. You are doing it so well! Following the inner need to stop and relax is a difficult task indeed!

    When I was “on the climb” and trying to maintain my place on the proverbial ladder I did so with a vengeance even when I desperately needed to stop!

    I eventually decided that I had to find a way to balance my life better and rediscover the ‘calm’ that was an equally necessary part of my life.

    It took me awhile to figure it all out (and it is still a work in progress I might add). Along the way my search for “stop” has caused a lot of loss (money and benefits) , and commensurate gain. My choices worked out.

    You are doing very well. Enjoy your ‘stops’ along the way to the next “must” !

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