Writing Wednesdays: Taking chances

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In grade school and creative writing classes, it’s not uncommon to be asked to experiment with different forms of writing: memoir, sonnet, reported essay.

Beyond that, I’m wondering how many of you continue to make those experiments. I haven’t written a non-satirical haiku since high school, or any other sort of poem; instead, I focus my non-professional writing activities on narrative fiction and the very, very occasional journal entry. And yet I remember those early efforts quite fondly, and I suspect I would learn a good deal if I forced myself to try to write in a different genre.

Do you still take chances writing in different genres, or do you stick to your chosen niche?

One thought on “Writing Wednesdays: Taking chances

  1. Honestly, I have never really thought about it. I keep journals that I write almost daily in. I write feelings, emotions, experiences, things that have happened, prayers that have been answered…just life in general. I might have to look into possibly adding some different writing styles to my daily writing routine.

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