Friday roundup

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It’s a mid-summer weekend — almost! Let’s have some fun.

  • The last time I thought about Weird Al Yankovich, the Internet was in its infancy, and his 1996 parody of Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise” was playing on… it must have been TV. Now, Weird Al is back with a parody of last summer’s ubiquitous hit, “Blurred Lines.” In “Word Crimes,” Al riffs on the familiar pet peeves, from less vs. fewer to its vs. it’s. I rolled my eyes at first, but I was laughing within a few seconds.
  • Speaking of the nineties, this picture from Faustine had me thinking of that old Tribe Called Quest song: “It’s like butter. It’s like butter, baby. Not no Parkay, not no margarine. Strictly butter, strictly butter, baby.” I guess the Habana/Pilot Metropolitan combination is every bit as smooth.
  • Nothing kills a good joke faster than theorizing about laughter, but Cambridge professor Mary Beard still manages to write a cogent, lighthearted analysis of philosophers’ attempts to wrangle the subject into submission. Worth a read.

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