Writing Wednesdays: What’s the best book you’ve never read?

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Obviously, it’s tough to comment on the quality of a book if you haven’t cracked its spine (or swiped its pages or listened to your favorite actor narrate it).

But why, in this era of underinformed Internet punditry, should we let that stop us? I’ve never read The Brothers Karamazov or The Magic Mountain, and if I can still feel vaguely guilty about it, I can certainly invite you to commiserate about great works that we’re sure we’d enjoy, if only we had the time.

Time? Did someone time? Speaking of that, I’ve also never read more than a few pages of Proust. And don’t even get me started on the Greek classics that I supposedly read in college, but of which I retained very little.

What about you? What are the best books you’ve never read, and which ones do you still hope/intend to get to?

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