Tools of the trade: The perfect knockabout pen

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I know that many of you have impressive and, dare I say, intimidating pen collections, so the question of picking a favorite is probably no simple matter.

My collection is much more modest, but I suspect I’m not alone in thinking that the answer to the question of favorites depends on the purpose. And as the scatterbrained mother of a toddler, my favorite pen right now is one that is inexpensive, dependable, and decidedly unflashy: the Pilot BeGreen VBall in 05, or extra fine. It writes well, holds its own in my purse, and represents no tragedy when lost or lent to a friend. I would love it even more if my 2-year-old weren’t strong enough to remove the cap, but you can’t have everything.

My husband, on the other hand, prefers the capless Pilot G2 in a slightly thicker fine point. We’ve got dozens of each type of pen stashed strategically throughout the house, and they are both very well suited to the random reasons you would pick up a pen — to, say, scribble a note or address a letter or sign a check or what have you.

When I sit down at my desk with a nice notebook, neither pen is necessarily my first choice. On the other hand, these days, the best pen is often the one I don’t have to hunt for…

What’s your favorite knockabout pen?

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