Tools of the Trade: The humble pencil

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It’s been a while since I blogged about pencils — and, truthfully, a while since I wrote with one regularly — but it remains a key part of my extended, occasional arsenal, and I don’t like to leave my desktop writing instruments holder without at least one.

Something I noticed last year, as we were in the midst of renovating my home office, is that contractors always use pencils. You can write on the wall with a pencil and paint over it without show-through. You can also erase a line and redraw it; not so with a pen! My father does math with a pencil, since it’s easier to manipulate things if you make a mistake.

Outside of construction, I suspect that drawing is one of the most popular non-scholastic uses for the pencil, though it’s also one of the paper-based art forms that passed me by long ago. Instead, I prefer to use pencils for almost random writing tasks, sometimes taking notes at meetings, other times just working through ideas.

When do you use pencils?

3 thoughts on “Tools of the Trade: The humble pencil

  1. I find them useful to stir small pots of paint with. Otherwise I see them as useful for people who do not have the courage to commit to their original thoughts by using a grown up pen.

  2. Aside from drawing with a mechanical pencil, I have good old fashioned ones at my desk, computer and in my purse for writing notes.

    People tend to borrow pens and never return them. Pencils rarely go astray….one just has to remember to sharpen them. 🙂

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