Time Management Mondays: Mobile calendaring

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I never thought the day would come, but it does happen not infrequently that I forget to take my Space 17 with me when I’m out, and thus end up having to enter appointments on my phone. (My bag is cluttered! My mind is cluttered!)

I don’t mind electronic appointments when they are sent to me on my phone, or when I can create them on my computer. But when I have to create them on my phone… I usually end up scrawling them onto a piece of paper or notebook, then transferring to other paper or electronic calendars when I’m back home. Why? Because it takes so much longer to locate the relevant day, select the appropriate time, make sure I’m on the right e-calendar, and enter in a description.

I was at the doctors’ office recently and needed to make a bunch of appointments all at once. If I’d had my paper planner, I could have just flipped through the dates as the receptionist called them out, then scrawled “Dr. X” in the right time slot and had a clear record of what lay ahead, rather than trying to toggle back and forth between monthly and daily views, confirm that a proposed time was convenient, add an appointment, and tap out the relevant info… only to prompt the poor woman to wonder whether it would be easier if she just gave me a bunch of those little appointment cards. (It would have been.)

If the supposed benefit of going purely digital with your calendaring is not to have to enter things twice, there’s still some work to be done on mobile, because until my phone can read my mind or understand natural speech, it is not going to be able to keep up with all that I want it to do.

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