Friday roundup

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A little of this, a little of that — it’s time for our Friday roundup!

  • What, you don’t read Thai? Thanks to Google translate, you can still get the gist of this review of J. Herbin’s Lie de thé. “It is brown in color, like hot tea we drink!” (Or something to that effect.) Alternatively, just look at the pictures.
  • What can bookshops do to attract more custom in the age of e-commerce? The Economist’s Intelligent Life asked four architects and interior designers to come up with a few proposals. Would a concierge service do it? A tree?
  • If you didn’t see it there earlier, check out this lovely guest post on Rhodia Drive about how a mother introduced her 8-year-old son to fountain pens.
  • If you didn’t see it here or there earlier — or elsewhere — check out this New York Times article about the cognitive benefits of handwriting.

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