Friday roundup

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We’ll keep it light and fun on this hot summer day:

  • Courtesy of Caza Juguetes, a Madrid based Quo Vadis fan, and Twitter, comes another bit of photographic evidence that Americans are often right to be jealous of European style (sadly, we don’t carry these products in the US).
  • Then again, maybe we just need to appreciate what we’ve got: Again on Twitter, Faustine posts some drool-worthy pics of her twin turquoise-covered Habanas.
  • Speaking of turquoise, check out this limited-edition Caribbean Sea pen from Edison Pens and Ink Nouveau… very pretty.

2 thoughts on “Friday roundup

    • Julie, I think it’s more a matter of price (i.e., how expensive would it be to sell these here given a still-strong Euro). In some cases there are also restrictions on what we can sell where based on licensing agreements. I know that is a disappointing answer but it can be harder than it seems to experiment when it comes to new products!

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