Writing Wednesdays: Trying new tools

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Thanks to my work on this blog, my relationship with writing tools is somewhat unique: I have a shelf full of notebooks and ink along with courtside seats to new products.

Still, I find myself reaching for the same things again and again. Rhodia no. 16 dot pads to keep track of my to-dos. Small Habanas for on-the-go idea jotting. Large Habanas for exposition (which I rarely do longhand anymore, but it’s nice to have the option).

It’s not that I’m not drawn to new notebooks, but I tend not to really use them unless I can identify a specific new purpose for them, or unless, like the Clairefontaine basic notebooks I’ve tucked into my old Sapa X covers, I like them enough to use them interchangeably with the notebook I first identified as perfect for a task (in this case, the small Habana).

What about you? What does it take to push you over the edge and try or adopt a new tool?

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