Time management Mondays: Long-term planning

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A wedding invitation we recently received prompted me to think about long-term planning… some things (weddings, holidays) are very easy for me to put on my calendar many months in advance and plan for/hold in my head.

With most non-work related engagements, however, I don’t tend to plan more than a couple weeks out, mostly because I hate to look at my calendar and feel like all my free time has already been accounted for.

I have friends, however, who are the opposite, and it occurs to me that they probably see more of each other, because they’re in the habit of proactively making plans, rather than reactively realizing that they haven’t seen so-and-so in ages and should really reach out to her, then having to wait a few more weeks till it’s convenient for both parties.

Incidentally, we do offer a few calendar formats that go up to 21 months, but nothing, as yet, beyond that.

How far in advance do you plan?

2 thoughts on “Time management Mondays: Long-term planning

  1. There are some school dates I already have penciled in through the end of the year (I teach, so I like to know what the starting dates and vacation dates are, as I often do start thinking about the courses I am teaching in the fall). I seldom go beyond that.

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