Time management Modays: Spring cleaning?

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I’ve always been a bit puzzled by the notion of spring cleaning. That is, does the urge to tidy up really strike more frequently in spring, and if not, how did we come up with the phrase in the first place?

If anything, I tend to feel like cleaning in January, after the holidays; now, when the days are warm and sunny, I’d rather be outside, and I really have to force myself to do the dishes after dinner. I’m good at coming up with things I’d like to do and schemes for, say, reorganizing the closet, but I’m not good at actually executing them.

What about you? Do you get the urge to clean in the spring, or not so much?

4 thoughts on “Time management Modays: Spring cleaning?

  1. I think Spring is just wonderful…I guess I may be saying this because I’m having such a great day!! Spring evokes feelings of growth, renewal, birth (flora & fawna) and so much more…As “Mother Earth” SPRINGS into action, so do we. I’ve been working on a couple of projects recently and so has my brother. Even our little Boston terrier Rhett Butler has come-out of his Winter slumber, and is more active. I’ve got another review to work on; well two actually. One for my new Japanese “Prera” fountain pen, inked with my Pelikan Edelstein “Topaz” ink. They make such a beautiful pair. Not that I love inanimate objects mind you. And I also have a wonderful “Habana” notebook from Quo Vadis that I need to review on my blog…My idea of “Spring Cleaning” may be a bit skewed and off the mark here, but atleast I’m SPRINGING in action… My best, LeRoy

  2. Traditionally houses were closed up in winter and heated with open fires. Spring cleaning cleaned the smoke residue off the walls and ceilings, cleaned the curtains of drapes of smoke residue, washed all the linens and aired them in the fresh air, etc.

    Often much heavier drapes were used in the winter to help insulate, and in spring those were swapped out for lighter curtains as well. Rugs were taken outside once it was dry and given a good beating to get out dust, mites and fleas, etc., and hung in the sun to freshen.


    • That is so interesting, Carys — and of course it makes good sense — thanks for sharing! Incidentally, I came across a tip about rug and sweater beating back in Brooklyn, where we had moths. I guess a good periodic beating helps dislodge the larvae, though there was seemingly nothing I could do short of moving that truly seemed to eliminate the problem.

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