Scenes from #NSS2014

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I’ve had the privilege of attending the National Stationery Show for several years now, and I’ve been surprised to discover how broad the show’s definition of Stationery is. Greeting cards and paper-based art and decor you’d expect, but there’s also quite an assortment of gift-shop items. Not that I mind: a few years ago, I picked up a charming sample of this ordinarily quite spendy handmade Walrus for my son. Last year, I got him a wooden boat puzzle that was irresistible, though he’s still too small for it.

Seen from that perspective, our booth was a blend of traditional stationery and paper-as-creative-launch-pad items. Instead of our planners, we brought our yummiest notebooks, including Clairefontaine roadbooks, the Rhodia “Ice” editions, and these lovely Clairefontaine sketchbooks, which make me wish I could draw:

2014-05-20 14.19.35

We also rolled out the new, digitally enhanced Quo Vadis ME journals (information about which will be coming soon, though you can think of it as a sort of LiveScribe 2.0 with FP friendly Clairefontaine paper). We’ve always featured our J. Herbin writing sets; this time, we paired them with some cute stickers and animal post-its that we imported from France:

2014-05-20 14.16.18

My cell phone pics came out blurry, but Stephanie’s turned out better, so head over to Rhodia Drive for more close-ups from the booth.

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