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This is a subject we’ve blogged about before, but Karen recently got an inquiry about it and we agreed it was worth reviewing: our commitment to the environment.

Paper-making is typically a very dirty process. The town I live in, Piermont, used to have a paper mill downtown, and one of the streets up the mountain is still called Ash Street since the soot would blow up and cover everything. (The mill has since been replaced by condos.)

Clairefontaine, by contrast, which makes all of our paper, adheres to the strictest enviornmental standards; according to our corporate website:

Clairefontaine reduces its water consumption through advanced recycling of the water used in the production process. The water is returned to the River Meurthe cleaner than when it arrived at the Vosges mill. The water is so clean when it leaves the facility local people can fish, boat and swim downstream within sight of the mill.

Our plant in Hamburg, NY, which transforms that paper into the planners and notebooks we sell, is PEFC certified to maintain the chain of evidence between our PEFC certified paper and those finished products.

If you have other questions about the way our products are made, please feel free to email us and we will do our best to answer.

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