Ink on… parchment?

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We got an intriguing email recently from a Turkish company — the manufacturer of goatskin parchment! He wondered if we were interested in adding the product to our stationery lineup.

As a former medievalist, I would certainly be curious to take contemporary parchment for a test drive, but I can’t imagine it would be anything other than a novelty product. What do you think? Would you buy parchment stationery, notebooks, canvases, or even whole skins? Or does the thought of writing on goatskin strike you as unbearably anachronistic and/or of questionable animal ethics?

3 thoughts on “Ink on… parchment?

  1. I have recently visited a museum that had one of the original Gutenberg Bibles. It is printed and illuminated on Vellum. The translucent quality of the parchment was certainly interesting. I personally don’t have a problem with goatskin parchment since I also use leather products for shoes, binders, and coats, but I have to wonder if this Turkish company would pass the “smell test” for the animal activists. I would not find writing on parchment to be anachronistic, but I would view it as a specialized use instead of everyday. Sometimes what was old is new again.

  2. I know some calligraphers that would be all over that! Plus book binders, journal makers (T.M. Lee does custom work), and antiquarians. I suspect artists would be glad of an available known medium at competitive prices.

    I happily consume goat milk and cheese, so figure we might as well use as much of the goat as possible. And goats are definitely a renewable resource in much of the world.

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