Are Notebook Users Monogamous?

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stack of notebooks

Do notebook users generally stick to one brand or type of notebook, or, do they check out other notebooks to sample a different writing experience?

My sense is most notebook users favor one or two notebooks, but are always open to trying something new.  And do.

For myself, even though my favorite is a Clairefontaine top spiral (I’m a leftie and I like the option of ripping out a sheet I don’t like), I have different notebooks stashed in different places (daily tote, desk, utility drawer, bookshelves and car.

While I generally use Clairefontaine paper products, I have cheated… I use the little notepads our printer includes with our orders, and I have also bought a Mead notebook at the supermarket when I found myself notebook-less out-of-town. I did feel guilty, and looked up and down the aisle before putting it in the cart.

What’s your opinion?

7 thoughts on “Are Notebook Users Monogamous?

  1. In my case, this seems to be a bit different as I’m still trying to figure it out (which pretty much applies to my life; I’m in my twenties).

    I have some degree of difficulty sticking to just one notebook out of fear that there is a better notebook that I can afford; I just haven’t found it yet. As of this moment I have several notebooks cracked open; one big A4 sketchbook and then a bunch of A5 notebooks, either lined or blank. But I’m starting to find out what I really like, which is an A5 notebook with nice, creamy paper in.

    Right now, my open notebooks are two Moleskines, one from Daler-Rowney, one from Daykeeper (which is a local–Philippine–brand), and one from Peter Pauper press. I don’t even know why I have this much open, but I manage to get through most of my notebooks in the span of a year.

  2. Maybe not monogamy but an age/experience/occupation related thing?
    At school we measured, cut and bound a few of our own exercise books. At sea, in teens and twenties, I used 1″ thick, leather cover, official journals and log books.
    In my 30’s and 40’s owning a hotel and shop I used thinnish, A4 hardbacks.
    In my 50’s and 60’s consultancy I used A5 hardbacks and Rhodia orange pads plus a Filofax.
    Now, in my 70’s I have a Rhodia pocket book in the back pocket of my denims and it outlived Field Notes, Scout Books and supermarket own brands. I give Quo Vadis planners and notebooks as presents.
    Right now I am having fun with MIdori Traveler style, passport size notebooks and inserts.
    Sad in some ways [but happy in others] that life no longer demands planners of any sort! I have only ever had issues with spiral bound and plastic ring bound designs, just not happy with them.
    Monogomy? No way. Just immoral promiscuity instead. And, before you ask, no, none were ever kept beyond a year.

  3. Priority is fountain pen friendly paper, followed by size (4×6 or 5×8 mostly) in lined format then go for COLOR.

  4. I use only fountain pen friendly composition notebooks for journaling (love the format and page size), but am all over the place for daily carry, expense log, auto maintenance records, house repairs,etc.

    Does Exaclaire sell FP friendly notebooks in B5 size in the USA?

  5. I am like Sandra–I have to try new things. But so far, I have stuck with Rhodia (especially for notes), Clairfontaine minis and 1951 notebooks (love the colors) and Banditapple Carnet PeeWees. Have yet to try the Quo Vadis line (have been looking at the teal one at Goulet Pens), but it’s only a matter of time, I suspect. 🙂

  6. I have to admit I’m the curious cat–I love trying something new. But there are definitely brands that I always have on my shelf. I can’t imagine not having a Rhodia Webnotebook or Quo Vadis Habana when I want to work out the steps to a new tangle pattern, or to draw a fountain pen painting.

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