Writing Wednesdays: What’s a good book for a sick day?

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For the umpteenth time this year, I’ve picked up a cold/chest bug that my son brought home from daycare. What’s worst about getting sick is how useless it makes you feel, and, in my case, restless, too. I’m looking for something to read — something light, engaging, and not too mentally taxing.

I’ve already tackled some old issues of The New Yorker, but I’ve read all the obvious reads and figured I would get some recommendations: what do you read when you’re laid up on the couch, unable to do much else?

4 thoughts on “Writing Wednesdays: What’s a good book for a sick day?

  1. Ever since … well, let’s cut to the chase with ‘Heel Over Head’ by Chris Harrison.
    A true story about an Australian guy who meets an Italian lady in a bar in Dublin and moves to Southern Italy.
    If you like sunshine, blue seas and a light hearted read – and if you are passionately in love with Southern Italy this is the ultimate feel-better book.
    It works even on a cold wet day in England!

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