Writing Wednesdays: Thank-you notes

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Apparently, thank-you notes are back in fashion, at least according to this piece in New York Times.

For many purposes, like wedding gifts and baby showers, I’d be surprised if they ever weren’t in style; has anyone seriously tried to do that via text message, except perhaps to their dearest friends? I’ll confess that I’ve never been able to manage post-dinner-party thank-you notes, however, in spite of the fact that I’ve received and been grateful for a number of them. One of my friends sends a note after nearly every social engagement, and when it’s my turn to get one, it feels like an extension of the evening.

Do you write thank-you notes?

3 thoughts on “Writing Wednesdays: Thank-you notes

  1. Yes, absolutely!

    As my mother always used to tell the story, before I could write, she would pen a thank you note “from me” on the reverse side of a piece of my “artwork” that she had folded into a note card. It’s a practice that’s stayed with me for more than five decades.

  2. Always – for gifts, visits if I’ve been laid up, and especially to hosts/hostesses.

    If I ever get too busy to show my appreciation in a MEANINGFUL way, that’s pretty sad. After all, someone went out of their way for me first.

    I may not be 24-48 hour prompt, but a thoughtfully-chosen card will eventually reach my benefactor. 🙂

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