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coverletterclipI can’t remember when the first time I’ve ever written a letter was. This is not because I’ve written so many in my life that they all seem like a blur it’s quite the opposite really. I’ve written so few letters that I can’t jog my memory to remember the first letter I wrote as if I have no recollection of ever writing a letter at all. This can’t be possible though right? How can someone go their entire, albeit short, life without writing a letter? This seems unlikely but after some questioning of a few friends who also can’t remember the first letter they’ve written or if they’ve written a letter at all it’s clear now.

My generation has lost the ability to write a letter.

This is profoundly sad when you think about it. And I am part of the problem. There is no overwhelming desire to put pen to paper, seal it in an envelope and go to the post office. It just doesn’t happen. What we do instead is send a 140 character text message in its place. We have condensed communication into snippets of actual conversation, a kernel of a thought.

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  1. Yes, what Michael wrote. While I don’t write letters as frequently as I once did, many friends and I (most of us in our mid-30s) still write each other with some regularity.

  2. I think it might be more accurate to say that many young people haven’t developed their ability to write letters. But some have.

    In 2011, the Boston Globe ran an article on letter-writers in their 20s and 30s. The URL no longer works, but the article is preserved here.

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