New Habana Notebook Cover Colors

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Habana Notebooks have two new cover colors this year:  Turquoise and Orange.  We expect them to do very well.

habana orange

Our French parent company also offers Habanas in Gold, Silver, Bronze and Lilac.  Do any of these colors appeal to you?

What colors would you like to see?  Please suggest a few, because I will bring your suggestions to the next Quo Vadis meeting on June 9.

FYI – black outsells every other cover color by a wide margin.  Red is the #2 seller.  Any ideas why?

Thank you so much for your support and suggestions.

10 thoughts on “New Habana Notebook Cover Colors

  1. I like black for business, but a DARK BROWN would be appealing for a more masculine, “field” look.

  2. Apart from what my predecessors have said (and I agree with them), Black has a distinct practical advantage. BLACK COVERS NEVER GET DIRTY AND DON’T NEED CLEANING. If you take another survey, you’ll find ORANGE is at #3 position in terms of popularity.

  3. The turquoise cover looks amazing! Perfect for spring/summer. I’m now obsessed…

    I would also love to see the gold, silver, bronze, and lilac. You are tapping into my personal palette of favorite colors!

    Will all the new colors also come with the white paper instead of just ivory?

    I think black is the most popular cover color because it is neutral, sleek, gender-neutral, and works in both professional and personal settings. Red for the same reasons, but also it has the cool factor.

  4. I use the black books because they are more serious and business like.
    In my work, on the bench, I have to be taken seriously,and try not to have my stationary steal the attention.

    I do, however, use an orange book for classes and less formal notes…

  5. My theory on the popularity of black is that it removes any hint of frivolity making it suitable for any business situation. It also color coordinates with anything and everything. By the same token, red is what people buy when they want to be noticed, be frivolous and kick up their heels at stuffy, old business convention.

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