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This falls into the category of things that are way beyond the boundaries of affordability for me, but that, like expensive pieces of art, I can still admire from afar… custom maps.

I found out about Connie Brown of Redstone Studios in one of the New York Times City Room’s “New York Today” updates; she was giving a talk at the NY Public Library, and while I knew I couldn’t attend, I clicked through to her website because, hey, I like maps.

Turns out, she’s been profiled before, both in the Times and the Wall Street Journal, and her maps are indeed amazing. Per the latter:

For one couple, Ms. Brown tracked their journey through China to pick up their adoptive child; for another family, she charted out a relative’s entire life in the style of his favorite antique mapmaker. Ms. Brown also offers customized globes to her clients; one showed the world as it appeared to Europeans in the mid-17th century.

The maps start at around $5,000, which is not exactly at the level of a casual expenditure for most of us, but if I strike it rich one day, I’ll be calling…

You can explore Connie’s maps at her website.

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