Time Management Mondays: Personalities at work

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Personality analyses are always something to be taken with a grain of salt, and yet I enjoyed reading this quick breakdown of the four types of co-workers set forth by Robert and Dorothy Bolton.

One of your co-workers gets so much work done in a day it makes your head spin, but she tends to steamroll over everyone in the process.

Another co-worker is great with details and never misses a trick, but he tends to over-analyze everything and takes forever to make a simple decision.

One of your other co-workers is a nice person and a great listener and teammate. But by trying to please everyone, she fails to please anyone.

Yet another is always enthusiastic, fun to work with, and has a million ideas. Too bad he’s all over the place and never seems to follow up, follow through, or finish anything.

Of course, as with horoscopes, the fun is to read through the descriptions and see what you do and don’t identify with. But I can certainly also think of people I’ve worked with who fit into each of these roles. (Which is not to say that they themselves would identify with them.)

Of the four, I’d say I’m most like the analyst description. Which one do you identify with?

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