Take a free… matchbook?

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Karen and I were riffing on the topic of free pens, which I blogged about the other week, and we realized that there are several other freebies that used to be ubiquitous and that one no longer, or rarely encounters these days.

Matchbooks, for example — a friend of mine gave out custom matchbooks as a bridal shower favor a few years back, and I realized how long it had been since I’d seen one, though I still have a few boxes kicking around from a decade ago or longer. Branded BIC lighters have disappeared, too, though you’d hardly mourn them given the environmental implications (and the social cost of smoking, I suppose); at least the matches you can use to light candles.

Technology, at least, is easier; remember how ubiquitous branded thumb drives used to be in the pre-Dropbox-and-Google-drive era?

And the list surely goes on…

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