Long Island Pen Show

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There was a time when I did not know the difference between a roller ball pen and a ball point pen. It wasn’t even that I just didn’t know it was I didn’t care. A pen is a pen. I just need something to write this note down. Fountain pens were ancient relics in my eyes and I didn’t know people still used them. And paper? Well it’s just paper how much of a difference can this sheet be from that sheet.

Jump cut to 2014 and yeah I was blind. But now I can see again! Not only have I been enlighten to the wonderful world of pens and paper but I even have my own (small) collection of fountain pens. I don’t know how I’ve been writing all these years without one. It’s like going from spreading butter with a shoe to spreading it with a knife. I’ve been spoiled by the wonderful paper available to my left, right, up, down and basically everywhere I look in the office. It’s almost not fair! And now I will be going to my first ever pen show, the Long Island Pen Show, on Saturday March 15th and Karen will also attend the show on Sunday March 16th. Needless to say I am excited. I will walk away with a Sailor pen or I’m not coming back!

If you’re going to be there look for us around the Anderson Pens table, where they will sell Rhodia and Quo Vadis among other things, as well as with Terry Brack who will be sampling J. Herbin inks and floating around looking for my Sailor pen.

Any tips for a first timer at a pen show? Should I just empty my bank account now or later?

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