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Since I was traveling last week, I didn’t get to share No Pen Intended’s review of our Miniweek planner (sold out, or it would be in my pocket, too!):

But the best part about the Miniweek is this magical paper. It’s of an almost tissue-like thinness typically reserved for holy books, and typically not associated with the kind of paper you’d want to put a fountain pen to. But oh, how wrong you’d be. This paper holds fountain pen ink beautifully. No fuzz, no feathers, just clean, crisp lines. With such thin paper, showthrough is inevitable, but none of the fountain pens bled through (the Parker and Sheaffer rollerbals are another story). And the dry times were surprising—Diamine Ancient Copper in a Pilot Vanishing Point M nib drying within ten seconds. This is a planner made for fountain pens.

Other links to think about:

  • Have you seen the new Caran d’Ache Chromatics bottles? I dunno about the ink, but I’m a sucker for smart packaging, and I enjoyed seeing Brian Goulet’s take.
  • I am increasingly into pencils these days, and this Faber-Castell looks like it’d make a good companion to my trusted Rhodia.
  • I happen to like the sound of German, thankyouverymuch, but I realize I’m in the minority… Bernd Brunner investigates.

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