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Witchy Woman-mixed media

Sandra Strait, Zentagle artist and all-round fabulous person, recently reviewed one of our calligraphy pads.  You can read her review here on her blog, Life Imitates Doodles. 

The colors on the paper were absolutely stunning, but what really caught my eye was what she did with the pad:  she removed the sheets and made her own art journal.

Making a Journal–tearing and sewing: I was intrigued by how sturdy this paper was despite its relatively light weight, so I decided to make an art journal with it. This makes a nifty, light-weight journal you could take on your travels to practice calligrpahy or sketching. (I used wallpaper glued to one of the half-sheets for the cover.  Cardboard from a cereal box would work as well.)”

Sandra used a number of different art materials, but what really struck me was that the pages lay completely flat. This is a quality artists really value in an art journal.  Maybe the answer is a home-made book.

To encourage a few more journal-makers, I will pick names at random for three folks to win a calligraphy pad to make your own book! To throw your hat in the ring, please sign up via the comments on this post, or send an email to karen at exaclair dot com.

Do you have an art journal and would like to share some of your pages with Quo Vadis Blog friends? Please send us an image or two and we will show (and credit them) in an upcoming post.  Thank you!

18 thoughts on “Art Journals

  1. What a lovely idea – and what great timing. I have been looking for an ‘ideas’ journal that one can use to jot down ideas and hash out designs and layout.

    The Calligraphy paper seems like an excellent choice for a journal like this. Can’t wait to make one.

  2. I love making my own books because I can make any size or put in as many pages as I want. I would love to give this paper a try.

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