Writing Wednesdays: Does snow help you focus?

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We’re staring down another big snowstorm in the Northeast, and while I don’t relish the prospect of digging out my car in the morning, I do look forward to the feeling of calm that comes with fresh snow (at least until the power goes out). Curling up in front of the fire with a book and a cup of hot chocolate is a popular trope, but it transfers just as easily to a notebook or even a computer: I think of a scientist I once interviewed who pointed out the comforts of a warm computer on a cold night. No wonder, he theorized, that Linux was developed by a Finn!

Kids make any projects of quiet meditation more complicated, but snow still sets me in that frame of mind… you, too?

One thought on “Writing Wednesdays: Does snow help you focus?

  1. Not down here in the South where it’s a rare thing. I got an after hours call only to hear, “It’s SNOWING!”

    For me, it’s hurricanes. After the initial flurry of activity, it means up to a week of peace and quiet listening to wind and rain.

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