Time management Mondays: To schedule or not to schedule

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I was talking with a friend recently about scheduling — how everyone schedules calls these days rather than picking up the phone, meetings and work sessions, too. It’s a familiar complaint, and I’m not immune to its arguments; after all, spontaneity is always something that sounds great in the abstract, and nobody likes to look at their calendar and feel like there’s no room in their day for something that hasn’t been determined weeks or months in advance.

Yet however stressful the days that are filled with back-to-back meetings, all the more beautiful their counterpart: days on which you have no meetings and can give yourself the time to get lost in a task without fear of interruption. It’s for this reason that I schedule things happily, and while I know I’m lucky to have a job that doesn’t give me too many of those super-stressful meeting-packed days, I think I would probably be a happy scheduler regardless.

With my social life, by contrast, nothing makes me unhappier than the feeling that my time is too-well accounted for.

What about you?

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