Time Management Mondays: On deadline(s)

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It’s no secret that having deadlines can motivate you, and that, even so, many of us procrastinate up until our deadlines loom — or after they’ve passed, in some cases.

How do you stay motivated when you aren’t facing a deadline? I always think of the so-called Seinfeld system (get a calendar, mark each day on which you’ve accomplished a portion of your task, and then “don’t break the chain”). Others create artificial deadlines, hoping to trick themselves into working with a heightened sense of urgency.

Up until my son was born, I did fine on motivation alone; if I really want to accomplish something, I’ll make time for it, even if it ends up taking me longer than it would have if I had a real deadline. Now, I’m wondering if I should experiment with a new system, because “a little longer” can easily turn into “a few years” when kids are involved.

How do you accomplish things that aren’t deadline driven?

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